The Playhouse


This is a fully adaptable theatre with performances taking place in many configurations. Proscenium, thrust and in-the-round are all possible. There are 3 "vom" stage entrances situated in the auditorium which can be used open or closed and allow front-of-house crossover as well as backstage crossover.

Detailed information

Dimensions (proscenium or in-the-round)

  • performing area 7.3m x 8.2m
  • proscenium opening variable from 7.3-10.97m x 5.5m
  • wing width 6.10m SL
  • no rake
  • limited flying facilities
  • full set of scale plans available
  • audience capacity determined by the stage configuration - varies from 320-400
  • ETC Ion Control Console
  • 144 channels (126 x 3kW dimmable, 8 x 5kW dimmable, 10 x 3kW switchable)
  • 5 bridges and 2 side galleries provide positions for an adaptable rig
  • patch panels allow for circuits to be allocated flexibly to dimmer channels
  • the theatre's standard luminaire rig is included in the hire - a detailed list is available
  • detailed scale plans are available showing all outlets and patch panels
  • additional specialist luminaires may be available for an extra hire fee
Control Box
  • Soundcraft mixing desk 16-8-2
  • FOH speakers - main overstage cluster and 4 x proscenium speakers permanently wired
    • additional speaker outlets at low and high level allow for multiple sound sources
  • racked equipment
    • 4 x minidisc recorders
    • 2 x CD (one recordable)
    • 1 x cassette
    • 1 x DAT machine
  • 4 x stereo amplifiers permanently assigned
  • 5 x stereo amplifiers that can be patched (input and output as required)
  • comprehensive patch panel to allow flexible interconnection
  • 5 x distribution panels at stage level allowing interconnection of audio lines
  • various microphones
Playhouse desk position
There is a permanent Sound Desk at the rear of the auditorium equipped with power supply, interconnection tie lines, communication and cueing links. This provides an alternative control position especially suited to controlling live sound reinforcement.

Stage Management

  • prompt desk with communication to
    • dressing rooms
    • control box
    • auditorium sound desk
    • FOH
    • 8 outstations
  • two dressing rooms with showers and toilets
  • wheelchair-accessible toilet backstage
  • backstage kitchen
  • video monitors of stage area
Other facilities
  • FOH public address system
  • infra-red hearing aid facility
  • piano available for hire
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